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Maus Safari  established as a travel company in Tanzania which has a huge focus on a commitment as a company responsible for tourism and most knowledgeable safari specialists based in Tanzania with experience of serving abundant clients from various places around the world. We are enthusiastic and dedicated to making sure that we go an extra mile in bringing quality services to our clients in order to make their holiday awesome


We have a brilliant Tour specialist and guides with many years of experience we cover selective attraction sites from the vast natural and beautiful sceneries such as a Northern famous Park which are Serengeti, Tarangire, Manyara and Ngorongoro and other interesting destination including Zanzibar Island and Mount Kilimanjaro


Also, we are surpassing at giving every guest a dream tour of Tanzania, we help you unravel the enigmas of ancient ruins and human history. We engage you in the traditions of her people, we walk with you through verdant forests vast Savannahs and lush wetlands. One of the most distinct ways to plan your ideal trip to Africa is to have us arrange a specialist theme safari for you. Our themed safaris cover a range of options and your accommodations, safari activities and locations are tailored to enhance the experience.


We are here to take you to the heart of the most diverse and wild rich country boasting Africa’s highest peak, Mt Kilimanjaro; one of the most famous archaeological sites, Olduvai (Oldupai) Gorge; and the Ngorongoro Crater, a World Heritage site as well as the legendary endless plains of the Serengeti in northern Tanzanians.


The Northern Serengeti national Park, is the biggest park full of wild inhabitant is an ideal first-time safari with Big 5 game viewing, cultural interactions, and breathtaking landscapes. Words just cannot express the beauty of the nature and the wilderness in Tanzania. For Travelers all across the globe looking to spend their vacation and holidays in Tanzania, Maus Safaris is prepared to making your adventure fantasy a reality. We offer full packages for Safari Tours and Trekking of the most astonishing, easy to ascend and descend the Mt. Kilimanjaro.



Whether you are looking for a classic wildlife experience, a family adventure, a romantic honeymoon, or would like to summit the “Roof of Africa”, we are here to help you navigate through the various options. It all starts with an idea, which is the base for us to design customized Tanzania Safaris – tailored to your requirements and just for you


Tanzania offers various walking options that can be added to each itinerary. Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro are great trekking challenges but there are also off-the-beaten-path treks through Ngorongoro all the way to Lake Natron. Nature lovers can walk with chimpanzees in Mahale or gorillas in Uganda & Rwanda.


Tanzania is a paradise for photographers and you will come across various opportunities to take thrilling pictures! All safaris to Tanzania offer an amazing scenery with fantastic wildlife. But the success of your photographic safari comes with your experienced safari guide who knows where to find the best spots!


Take your kids on safari and let them explore the true wonders of Africa. The chance to see wildlife in their natural habitat is a magical and unforgettable experience that will inspire lifelong interest in nature and wildlife. Tanzania is the ultimate family safari & beach holiday destination with so much to discover!


Your happily-ever-after starts here with a customized honeymoon safari beyond your wildest dreams! A combination of adventure and relaxation is a great way to de-stress from your wedding! Tanzania is the perfect destination for an unforgettable first trip as a married couple – authentic, intimate & romantic


Relax and play in Zanzibar

No matter who you are! Zanzibar is an island located off the coast of Tanzania. Swinging at the beach is one of the best ways to enjoy summer. There’s something about being surrounded by the water and sand that just makes you feel alive. And when you’re swinging, you can really let go and enjoy the moment.


In the heart of a Maasai village, embrace culture and traditional ceremonies as one of the most amazing cultures in the world, this scene captures the harmony of nature, and pure childhood joy.


Explore the primates in Gombe Stream National Park and Mahale mountains National Park, discover the chimpanzees life and their habitat. You can also visit Gorilla in Rwanda or Uganda as one of the most famous destination for this creatures.


Visit Materuni waterfalls and Chemka hotspring in Arusha Tanzania and spend your time in natural waterfalls. You can also experience the local coffee tour in Marangu Village. Tanzania has the most beautiful landscapes where you can enjoy and relax after the safari.

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Tibor Horvath
Tibor Horvath
Lifetime experience with Maus Safari We had Safari with my wife with Maus Safari. Our guide was Allan and I just can say he is a professional Safari guide. He explained everything and we learnt a lot. It was definitely a lifetime experience!
Ákos S
Ákos S
Csak ajánlani tudom! A Tatangire Nemzeti Parkot fedeztük fel a családommal, két kicsi gyerekkel. A safaris srácok, nagyon profik. Rengeteg kérdésünk volt, mindenre kivétel nélkül válaszoltak. Mindent megmutattak a safari során az összes állatot láttuk, a jelentősrbb növényekről és helyekről is mindent elmeséltek. A végén kaptunk egy fejedelmi lakomát egy pazar kilátással a Tarangire folyóra. Ha tehetitek ne hagyjátok ki!
Krisztina Horvath
Krisztina Horvath
Safari in Serengeti National Park We went to Serengeti National Park and everything was perfectly organized and impeccable. We saw all the animals thanks to our great guide. I wholeheartedly recommend Maus Safari to everyone if you want a perfect safari!! Write to Solomon he will organise your dream trip in Tanzania.
Ákos S
Ákos S
We have seen a lot of animals, and the lanch was delicious. Everithing was perfect, thry was really correct, and relable. Guide's knolidge was amazing. He knows everithing about all animals. They solved all problams without extra fee. Next time we will choose Maus safari again.